For land records, our team will make records accissable for you for you to conduct your research.  We are not abstractors or attorneys, we are not able to provide legal advice or conduct research.  Again, we are happy to point you in the right direction to conduct your research.  If the research requires further assistance, if is our opinion that you may need to hire an abstractor or attorney for further clarification.  Thank you for your understanding

In compliance with R.S. 33:1236 (55b) we are required to pay $5 to the Iberia Parish Government for each instrument recorded; and per La. Act No. 826, there is a charge of $5 per conveyance and mortgage recording for the statewide portal remote access fee. These respective fees are added in and included below.

Documents to be recorded in one index type (fees are assessed separately for each recording book):

1 to 5 pages

6 to 25 pages

26 to 50 pages

51 or more pages
$310 for first 50 pages + $5 per each additional page

The above fees include indexing up to 10 names (maiden names are indexed) and providing one certified copy, if copy provided. 
Index fee after the 10th name
$5 per name (maiden names are indexed)

Debtor fee (to SS# on Judgment CC 3352 & CCP 1922)
$25 per debtor

Paper size larger than 8 1/2” x 14”
$20 additional, per page

Cancellation/Partial   Release  (single cancellation)

Cancellation (document 1-5 pages w/multiple cancellations)

Distinctions (Affidavit of Identity) - Per R.S. 9:5503 if, judgment creditor cannot be located or does not comply, proof of mailing to judgment creditor must be attached to affidavit.

To record the Distinction that affects a judgment or lien made before to 7/1/12 (R.S. 9:5503 E)

$18.00 first page + $5.00 portal fee + $5.00 gov fee (for a total of $28.00 for first page)
$6.00 each additional page $3.00 to index each name after first name

To record the Distinction that affects a judgment or lien made after to 7/1/12 (CCP 1922 (3) & (4))
No Charge

Maps/Plats over 8 1/2” x 14”, one page

For cancellations & maps, fees include indexing up to 10 names (maiden names are indexed).
Notice of Repossession
$75 flat fee

$1.00 per page if you print from our public access area
$2.00 per page if our staff prints for you

Conformed/stamp-filed copies 
$5.00 + copy fee

Certified Copies
$10.00 + copy fee

Mortgage Certificates (10 year certificate):
1 name and 1 property

Each additional name

Each additional property
Contact our office for pricing

Charge per exception if more than 10 listed on certificate
$1 each

Property Bail Bonds: please reference https://www.iberiaclerk.com/services/property-bonds

Background search — civil

Background search — criminal

UCC — refer to Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Revised Article 9, effective 7/1/01 or see fee schedule on Louisiana Secretary of State Website:

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