Dockets will be produced by the clerks and distributed accordingly

Regarding the creation of the Dockets, it was discussed and agreed upon that the Clerk's office, rather than the DA's office, will create and distribute Dockets, starting January 1, 2020.  The DA's office would still produce Support Enforcement, CINC and Delinquent dockets.

This has been in place since January 1, 2020.

The deadline to file a motion is 10 days from the court date

The deadline to file a motion is 10 days from the court date.  For example, if a court date is set for July 20, 2020, the deadline for filing motions to be heard on that date will be July 10, 2020, with the exception of Gwen's Law, writs and 701s.

This docket will be known as the TEN DAY DOCKET and will be uploaded to www.IberiaClerk.com > Docket, 10 days from the court date.  For example, on July 10, 2020, the TEN DAY DOCKET will be uploaded for the July 20, 2020 court date.

Each individual in need of the docket is responsible for going to our website and printing the Docket prior to court.  With this TEN DAY DOCKET being uploaded 10 days prior to the court date, this is plenty of time for everyone to prepare accordingly. 

Motions filed later than 10 days from the court date

As agreed upon at this meeting, if a motion is filed later (past the 10 day cut off date) and needs to be set on that specific date, the body of the motion needs to include that both parties have agreed to that date and confirmed such with the judge.

It is the responsibility of the person submitting the motion to have the judge sign the motion prior to submitting to our office. 

This docket will be known as the ADD-ON DOCKET and will include all Gwen's Law, writs and 701s as well as all other non-writ motions (where the motion includes that both parties have agreed to that date and confirmed such with the judge) that Judges have signed off on that were added after the 10 day deadline.  For example, for Gwen's Law, writs, 701s and motions added July 11-19, 2020 yet are being heard on the July 20, 2020 court date, those cases will be on the July 20, 2020 ADD-ON DOCKET.

The ADD-ON DOCKET will be finalized the day before the court date.  Our minute clerk will print copies and distribute the ADD-ON DOCKET in court to the judge, the court reporter, the DA, PDO and the Baliff.  The ADD-ON DOCKET will not be uploaded to our website due to motions being added up to the last minute.

The purpose of the ADD-ON DOCKET is to allow the TEN DAY DOCKET to be uploaded and accessible in a timely manner without having to continually change and upload new versions and causing confusions as to which revision is needed in court.

The ADD-ON DOCKET will also show how many motions were added late.  This should serve as a guide as to what is filed after 10 days and added to the Docket. 

Civil Docket

Due to the ever changing nature of Civil matters, we will have a separate process for the Civil Docket.  While the Criminal Docket has numerous add ons, which results in the Add On Docket, the Civil Docket has many cases that settle, resulting in them being taken off of the docket. The Civil Docket will be posted two Friday's before the Civil Court Hearing in most situations.  An example is below for a better visual understanding. 

Civil Docket

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